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Extremely unhappy with the service, ended contract as soon as i could, would NEVER use this agency again!
When the agent came to inspect the house and get the keys he asked me if this was my first rented property to which i replied yes and hasn't thought much of it however afterwards i realised by saying yes i have opened myself up to his horrendous financial abuse by whom i was very intimidated.
Complained endlessly about damp issue was told too many people lived in the property (2 double bedroom flat / 1adult +1 todler + 1baby) was charged £150 from bond to paint walls. According to the person who came to pick the keys up there was a hairline crack on the toilet (i could not see it to save my life) was charged £100 from bond for it. The oven wasnt cleaned to there standard another £60 from bond gone. The black bin had some rubbish in it charge: £40. And so on at the end there was nothing left from my bond!   31-10-16